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Production Facility 

Azure is developing a renewable fuels production facility to provide a significant source of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), which will be required to meet domestic and international mandates related to the reduction of CO2 emissions generated by the aviation sector. 



Yellow Flowers

The Facility will predominantly utilize agricultural feedstocks to produce SAF by using a commercially proven and in-use technology.  This process has been in use in Europe over the last decade, and with increasing frequency in North America.

Azure's Production Strategy

Once operational, Azure’s facility will displace approximately 2.6 mega tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Our Multi Site Plan

Azure is developing its FEED study for multiple sites in parallel. This gives Azure the benefit of combined learnings, capital efficiency, and a platform for growth.

Key Aspects of the Facility
Summer Farm
  • The Facility will be constructed in 2 phases, each phase capable of producing ~10,000 barrels per day of renewable fuels with a designed total capacity per site of 20,000 barrels per day.

  • At full capacity, the Facility will process approximately 1 million tonnes of feedstock to produce approximately one billion liters (265 million gallons) of renewable fuels annually.

  • Azure has formed key partnerships with a network of experienced companies with expertise in technology, construction, logistics, and feedstock who will help to ensure the successful development of the facility. 

  • No fossil products will be used as a feedstock and Azure is working to minimize the use of fossil fuels as an energy source for process operations.

  • The Facility will draw feedstock from domestic markets, supporting a value add to the local agricultural industry.

  • The Facility requires approximately 1,500 construction jobs and 150 full-time positions for operations.

  • Azure is dedicated to building meaningful, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with local communities  based on respect and understanding.

  • Azure is working closely with governments and local communities to adhere to all environmental regulations and requirements to achieve timely approvals. 


Azure is currently in the stage of regulatory, permitting and contracting.

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