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Canada's future

Azure is a leader in the development of Canada's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) industry.

Our vision is to utilize Canadian skillsets
and natural resources to produce low carbon fuels which allow the aviation industry to meet it's CO2 emission reduction goals and targets.

Leading the energy journey.

The need for sustainable energy is real. As society increasingly moves towards utilizing renewable energy sources, we recognize the importance of SAF's role in the aviation industry's efforts to address climate change.

Our goal is to bring a significant quantity of SAF to the Canadian market as soon as practical by efficiently building Canada's first dedicated SAF facility.

Azure's origins.

The founders of Azure were responsible for True North Renewable Fuels Ltd. which was successfully sold to a western Canadian refiner in March 2021. Prior to the sale, True North had been advancing the development of a renewable diesel production facility which had garnered support from the City of Regina.

Azure has partnered with a Swiss-based family office to bring strong financial support along with a successful background in entrepreneurial pursuits, company-building, finance, and global commodity trading.

Image by Igor Kyryliuk

Corporate Objectives


Provide a made-in-Canada source of sustainable

aviation fuel.


Create a solid foundation based on partnerships while adhering to the highest environmental, ethical and business standards.


Lever Canadian skillsets and Canada’s natural resources to position Canada as a world leader in Low Carbon Fuels.

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